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Credit & Debit Card Payments

When you place an order online or over the phone your credit card will be pre-authorized for the total amount (also know as a payment hold). 

A pre-authorization means we received approval from you to charge up to that amount on your card. This usually shows up has a "Pending Transaction" on your card issuers website.

Otto Frei will not capture (charge) your card until we ship your order.*

If you decide to cancel on your order before it ships the pending transactions on card (credit/debit) will fall off of in 3 business days. Most major credit cards have the pending transaction fall of within 3-5 business days while debit cards and cards issued outside of the USA take 5-7 business days.   

If you need to add an item to your order which increases the total amount due Otto Frei will need to get a new authorization for the higher amount. 

*Exceptions Apply