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How Do I Pay My Balance Online?

Please Note: 

This article only applies to customers with terms.

OttoFrei.com allows you to make a credit card payment or apply a credit towards your open invoices. Please follow these instructions to make a payment. 

Billing Address:

Login to your account and navigate to My Account > Settings > Address Book 

Make sure your default billing address is the billing address associated with the credit card which you will be using to make the payment. You can make a card your default billing address by clicking edit and checking the box: "Make this my default billing address"


Credit Card To Your Account:

Navigate to My Account > Settings > Credit Cards

Add the credit card associated with your billing address to your account and make it your default payment. 


Make Payment:

Navigate to My Account > Billing > Account Balance


From this page you can:

  • See your Available Balance
  • See your Outstanding Balance
  • See your Credit Limit
  • See your Account Details
  • See any Credits on your account
  • Print A Statement
  • Make a Payment

Click on "Continue to Payment" and select the invoices you would like to pay and press continue.

Note: If you have an outstanding balance but don't see the option to make a payment please contact us to get your account access fixed.


If you have any available credits on your account they will be automatically selected. If you would like to save the credit you can either unapply the entire amount by unchecking the box or you can change the amount by clicking edit. 

If you have a balance due after credits have been applied you will see your credit cards on file or the form to enter your credit card. 


Click Submit. If your payment was sucessful you will see the confirmation screen. 

Common Errors

Error when applying a credit memo:

If your entire balance is covered by a credit memo on your account and you're getting a payment error when you hit submit, check that you have a credit card on file at My Account > Settings > Credit Cards. There is a bug that won't let you checkout if you have a $0.00 amount due but no card on file. 

Error when submitting a payment:

The billing address on your credit card being used to make a payment must be saved to your address book and selected as your default billing address in your address book. 

If you're still experiencing issues submitting a payment online please contact us and a support rep will be able to take your payment and fix any issues on your account.