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How do I submit my tax exemption documents?

After your tax exemption documents are verified tax will be removed from resale items. Tools are always taxable.

To ensure a speedy approval process, please make sure to have the following information:

  • Your State's Resale License / Tax Exemption Number (every state has different requirements - In CA for example your resale license number is the same as your business Tax ID).
  • Make sure that the email on your account is correct.
  • Add your business address with a phone number we can reach you at with any questions.

New Customers: 

If you have not already created an account on OttoFrei.com, then during registration select "Yes" when answering the question: "Do you have a tax exemption certificate?" 


Once your account is created:

To ensure there are no delays in your application after you've completed registration, navigate to My Account > Address Book. Ensure the address of your business is saved in your OttoFrei.com Address Book.  


Navigate to My Account > Tax Exemption. Then Enable Tax Exemption Manager (Depending on your account you may not have this step.)


If the tax exemption manager has already been enabled on your account you will see the following: 


Depending on your situation you may see the state of one or more of the addresses from your address book. If you do not see a state please go to your address book and check that the address is on file. 

Click on "Update or Add Tax Exemption Certificate(s)"

A new window will open logging you into CertExpress from Avalara. You will now need to add an exemption certificate for every state where you do business. Click on "Add an exemption certificate"


Select your state or territory and under reason select resale (95% of customers of Otto Frei are exempt for thereason of resale, if you're exempt for another reason please select the appropriate one).   


At this point CertCapture will ask you the questions which pertain to your state and reason. You will be able to fill out all forms online and do a digital signature. If you preferr you can also download your states form and email it to info@ottofrei.com. 

If you're having trouble using our website to start the process please get in touch with us