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I submitted my California Sellers Permit and my application was denied, why?

While a sellers permit number is required to have a valid resale certificate, it is not the correct legal document to receive tax exemption. 

 To receive tax exempt status on resale items Otto Frei is required to have a valid Resale Certificate for your business on file. If you only submit a sellers permit online your application will be denied.

You can submit a resale certificate in the following ways.

Before you go forward make sure you create an account at It will speed up your approval process greatly.

Online: To submit your information online please contact and she will email you instructions. 

If you do not wish to submit your resale certificate online please download & fill out this form: 

Once you've complete the form please remit it to Otto Frei.

Via Mail: 

Otto Frei
P.O. Box 796
Oakland, CA 94604

In Person: 

Otto Frei
126 2nd Street
Oakland, CA 94604 

Via Fax: 


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