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How do I manage my wishlist?

To mange your wishlist you must be logged into your account. Once you're logged in, you can:

  • Add Items to your wishlist(s)
  • View your wishlist(s)
  • Add items from your wish list(s) to the cart
  • Remove items from your wishlist(s)

Add Items To Your Wishlist

From the product page, click on "Add to Wishlist" located next to "Add to Cart"


View Your Wishlist

After you've logged in navigate to My Account > Wishlist > All My Lists 


Add Items From Wishlist To Your Cart

Click the checkbox next to the image of the item, then click Add Items To Cart 


Remove Items From Wishlist

Select the items you wish to remove with the checkbox next to the image of the item. Than click on the down arrow next to Add Items to Cart and select Remove.