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I have a shipping account with UPS/FedEx can I use it?


First Time Customers:

When you're checking out online please select the lowest cost shipping method and then in the customer comments field provide:

  • The Class of Service you wish to use. For example: UPS Ground or FedEx 2 Day.
  • Your UPS, FedEx or DHL Account Number.

There is a service charge for shipping using your shipping account number.  

  • $5.00 per package for domestic shipments.
  • $20.00 per package for international shipments.

Once we have verified your information we will reduce the shipping charge on your pending order to the service charge only.

Please be aware that when you checkout online we are only authorizing your card for the total amount. Your order and your authorization is pending until we bill and ship your order.  

You can also submit your order via "Phone Payment" and then give us a call at 800.772.3456 to complete your order.

Returning Customers:

After you’ve submitted your shipping account to us the next time you checkout there will be an option to use your own account. Depending on the shipping carrier it will read:

  • Use My FedEx Shipping Account
  • Use My UPS Shipping Account
  • Use My DHL Shipping Account