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What does the status "Pending Approval" mean?

When you place an order on OttoFrei.com with a credit card your order will show a status of pending approval. 

Due to the high nature of fraud in our industry, we manually review all first-time customers. This process takes place during business hours and usually requires at least an hour for first time domestic orders and up to 24 hours for first-time international customers. 

Orders can also be Pending Approval for the following reasons:

  • We're trying to get in touch with you regarding comments left on the order.
  • Resale/Tax exemption pending document submission. (learn more).
  • Items are backordered and we've reached out to you regarding next steps.

If your order has been pending approval for longer then 24 hours during business hours please check your email for any messages from an @ottofrei.com email address. Our customer support reps will email you directly. If you have not received an email you can get in touch with us